The color's from the heat will vary on the products

A Michigan based business for over five years now.  We make custom designed silhouettes out of 14 gauge steel plate and each item has different colors from our heating process.  All of our products go through a powder coating process for a lifetime of protection. We do all the processing from design to final powder coating.  You can make a custom order here or you can choose from our store here now and we will send it to you ASAP.
  These silhouettes can hang outside or inside for any given occasions these make great gifts for any ages.  We have 90+ pieces that we make. You can order here online or come to our shop to buy these great silhouettes. We also do custom orders as well, check out our Custom order page or call for more information. And, we do accept all major credit cards.
*Note:  Pictures are taken both indoors and outdoors.  Different lighting will have different effects on product.
Contact David Findlay → AKA: WelderDave at 586*322*7076

Made in the USA
Thank you for your business

David Findlay
Divine Steel Arts
2270 Cove Rd.
Goodells, Michigan 48027

Please Note: These are not play toys, they are wall hanging silhouette's
Colors May Vary